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How safe is eZug?

Access to eZug works via ZUGLOGIN and is secured by an additional factor (PIN). The downloaded documents are stored in a protected area on your smartphone.

What is eZug?

eZug is a digital platform, an app for Zug residents. With the eZug app, you can obtain digital services and official, legally valid documents.

How can I open an eZug account?

First you need a ZUGLOGIN account. Then you can download the eZug app and get started right away.

What does eZug cost?

Download, registration and use of the eZug app are free of charge.
The documents that can be ordered in the app are available for the same price as in the municipalities.

CHF 18 - extract from the debt collection register
CHF 20 - for all other documents

How can I delete my eZug account?

In the eZug app, go to Settings and select "Delete my eZug" under Profile.

How can I change the photo of my eZug profile?

Click on the photo, then click on the pencil at the bottom right, then on the photo to take it again.

How can I pay in the eZug app?

You can currently pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PostFinance Card and TWINT.

How can I sign digitally?

Select your signatures in the settings and then enter your Skribble login details. Now you can see your Skribble documents under Documents/My Documents. If you don't have a Skribble account yet, you can create one for free.

Why is my ZUGLOGIN not working in the eZug app?

The eZug app only works with a ZUGLOGIN for natural persons.
If you use a ZUGLOGIN for legal entities, you cannot use the eZug app.

Which documents / services can I obtain via eZug?

The following documents and services can currently be obtained via eZug:

  • Extract from the debt collection register
  • Certificate of origin / Interim pass
  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of residence for moving in and out
  • Certificate of legal capacity
  • Certificate of good conduct

Which operating system does eZug run on?

The eZug app is available on iOS (from version 10) as well as on Android (from version 5).

How can I activate ZUGLOGIN?

By post or by visiting the reception of your local authority or the Zug library in person.

What can I do with eZug?

With eZug you can obtain services and official documents electronically. The documents and data are electronically signed in a legally valid manner. Furthermore, you can forward the electronically signed documents obtained in this way directly from the eZug app as often as you like. Example: You can send a extract from the debt collection register directly to the landlord after viewing a flat, and each recipient receives a digital original.

How can I verify an electronic signature?

Upload the PDF document to the validator and you will see all the information about the digital signature.

How can I change the PIN code?

You can change the PIN code in the settings under "Change PIN code". After entering the current PIN code, you can define a new one. The PIN code must have 6 digits.

What is the QR Scanner menu item for?

The QR scanner enables verification of one's identity via other websites & services.

How can I change the personal details of my eZug account?

Your personal attributes are managed by the Residents' Registration Office. You can change your communication attributes (e-mail and mobile phone number) yourself in your ZUGLOGIN user account. eZug will then automatically transfer your data from ZUGLOGIN.

How can I unsubscribe from the app?

A menu item Logout has been deliberately omitted from the eZug app. Simply close the app via the normal process.

Can I use eZug without ZUGLOGIN?

No, ZUGLOGIN is a prerequisite for eZug use.

Can I use the eZug app with a ZUGLOGIN for legal entities?

No, this is not possible. The eZug app can only be used with a ZUGLOGIN for natural persons.

How can I forward a document to a third party?

Using the "share" function of the smartphone, the document can be saved on the privately used cloud solution or forwarded to third parties.

Where can I get help if I have a problem with the eZug app?

eZug Support
+41 58 728 91 99
Mon-Sun 7am to 10pm

When can I use eZug as a non-resident of Zug?

In the first phase, eZug will be used exclusively for services for Zug residents. Thanks to the connection to ZUGLOGIN, eZug is an open solution for all municipalities oft he canton of Zug.

What happens to my documents when I uninstall the eZug app?

All documents within the eZug app will be lost if they are uninstalled and must be ordered again at a charge. It is recommended that you save the ordered documents in a safe place outside of your smartphone so that you always have them available.

Why do I get a server error 500 when I try to log in to the eZug app?

You are using a ZUGLOGIN for legal entities. You cannot use this for the eZug app. You need a ZUGLOGIN for natural persons.

In my dual role as a teacher and a parent, I would like to know how I can fulfill both roles in the school portal?

If you hold a dual role, you can add a second email address to your eZug app: one for personal matters and one for professional purposes. Depending on which function you wish to use in the school portal, select the appropriate role when logging into the portal.

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