My electronic identity

The eZug app allows you to share your verified personal data in the digital space. Thanks to this digital proof of identity, you can use third-party online services and carry out legally valid official processes digitally. It's really easy with your eZug app. Try it out yourself right away: follow the step-by-step instructions (steps 1 to 5) to test how you can share your personal data with the municipality and other third parties in order to identify yourself online and use services.

If you haven't downloaded the eZug app yet: Install the eZug app on your smartphone and register.


Open the eZug app on your smartphone.

Verify 01


Generate the QR code by clicking on the "Generate QR code" button, which you can then scan using the QR code function on the eZug app.

The generated QR code simulates a request from a service provider (e.g. authority or website) for your personal data to verify your identity.


Scan the QR code with the eZug app on your smartphone.

Verify 02


Confirm the data to be transmitted.

Verify 03


Done - your personal data has been transmitted.

Verify 04