Out of the Box –
A Treasure Chest for Zug

"Out of the Box" is full of handy items that you can conveniently borrow using the eZug app. Come by and try it out!

Right by the lake, at the Schützenmatt gymnasium, there are deck chairs, frisbees, badminton sets and much more - and the best part is that they can be borrowed for free by anyone with eZug. "Out of the Box" offers you a large selection of recreational outdoor items for joyful hours outside.

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Central location
by the lake

You'll find "Out of the Box" in Zug by the lake, covered next to the sports field at the Schützenmatt gymnasium. It's freely accessible around the clock for everyone who has eZug. Come by and try out the great offer!

Out of the Box Map

Get started now

  1. ZUGLOGIN and eZUG app: Your personal ZUGLOGIN is the key to the eZug app and therefore also to “Out of the Box”. If you don't have it yet, you can apply for it online via form or receive it at the counter in the city hall. Your individual and secure ZUGLOGIN gives you access to the eZug app. You can download it for free from the App Store or Play Store and log in with your ZUGLOGIN

  2. Useful links: In the eZug app, you'll find the "Useful Links" section where you can sign up for "Out of the Box" directly. Just share your data with us from the eZug app and you're ready to go.

  3. Reservation and pick-up: Simply reserve the desired item in the eZug app and then remove it from the designated compartment within five minutes. Please note that only one item can be borrowed per ZUGLOGIN.

  4. Return: When you are done using the borrowed item, put it back in the same compartment to make it available again to your fellow Zugers.

We wish you lots of fun using “Out of the Box” and the many great items it has in store for you!

Other functions
of eZug

eZug offers many other helpful functions in addition to "Out of the Box". For example, with the smart government solution you can efficiently request, manage and pay documents, as well as identify yourself online, sign digitally and use various citizen services. All conveniently via your smartphone.